Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Countdown to D-Day: 5 days or less

We just got back from the doctor, and he says if Bailey is not born by Monday, we'll spend the night in the hospital and induce Tuesday morning...on her due date.

I have mixed feelings about this. I'm excited that we should have a baby within a week (WHAT?!), but I'd still rather she come on her own. Makes me feel like we're forcing or rushing, even though she's probably been ready for weeks. But, inducing means my doctor would be there to deliver, and I like that. I would say I like the predictability of inducing, but I know that birth is anything but predictable, no matter how it happens.

Funny, I'm still not nervous. Maybe I'm in denial?

We'll see what happens between now and Monday. It's still all in God's hands. ...And maybe is influenced by that lady who works at Chick-Fil-A in Montgomery. She predicted Bailey would be born this weekend, and then rubbed a blessing on my stomach.

Everything else still looks good with the baby, except her head is a little high. My blood pressure, weight gain, etc., is still normal, though "everything looks good" would probably not be the most appropriate phrase to describe me right now.


Josh and Lyndsay said...

I know yall are ready to get her here!! Good luck with delivery, be it Tuesday or in the next few days!!! I know yall will be great parents!!!

Heather said...

Yay!! We're getting closer to seeing that precious baby girl! I can't wait :)

penny said...

okay let me tell you .... eli was a week almost two weeks late because the dr's wanted to wait and see... ugh!!!!!!!!!! and we still had to induce!!! So I love it!!! I went in the night before I was going in for a lock-in -- books, cards, music ... the nurses were like girl please you need to get some rest... you have no idea what you are about to go through!!! I had to be giving sleeping meds to get me to calm down...good thing is i woke up the next day and was ready to deliver and to keep myself awake by getting the nurses to watch TLC's a baby story which they had never seen ... at dad said it sounded like we were having a party in my delivery...i was on the phone with mark the whole time!! Drugs girl... get drugs and get them early!!! they will not wear off if they do get more!!!

cole and dannah were both planned and induced early... and around Alabama game and launch of our church... so I will tell you we enjoyed the two births we spent the night before in the hospital better than the early morning induction... which we did not rest well knowing we had to get up at 5:30 - we liked staying over and sleeping in at the hospital!!! also if your going to breast feed be sure and get drugs before you try this... it will not hurt the baby but it will help you relax and not fly off the bed when the cramps kick in (no one tells you these details sister!!!)
so there is my induction loving stories!!! God has his hand on you and Bailey and you both will be fine...that is why he gives us great doctors and lots of technology to help them!!! We can't wait to hear more and see her... and we are all praying for you girl ... it is amazing!!!! Tell someone to take video and notes for you!!! (esp. if you take good drugs!!) did I say take ...:) sounds addictive but they really make life so much better... you can be supermom when it is 1 am feedings and no one is up helping you... take all the help you can get while it is avaiable!!! okay maybe i should give you my cell this is getting long and more details than you asked for!!! :) love ya

Melissa said...

Why be nervous when you don't quite know what to be nervous about? Maybe it's not denial but a sense of peace! Sounds like you're ready!

Melissa said...

Just remember that you and Gunter are the parents. If you feel you should wait until she comes on her own, then don't hesitate to tell the doc that. I was two weeks late and my sister was three so it's not a bad thing. Sometimes they just need a little more time. Trust your doctor but do what you feel is best for you and the baby. Either way, she'll be here before you know it!

Mary Tyler S. said...

I'm hoping she will make her appearance this weekend! I'm one cm dilated so I feel ready but I AM nervous. I just hate not knowing how it will all go at the hospital. Keep me posted!

And I totally know that lady at Eastchase!!

Marisa Smith said...

It sounds like you are ready! I got to that point and I have always been the nervous type. I too was given sleeping meds. the night before and I slept wonderfully and completely relaxed!!! I'm really glad I was induced because I felt like I and the doctor were more in control of things. I'm sure everything will go smoothly and you will have your little bundle of joy in your arms in no time! Good luck!!!:)