Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bailey is 4 weeks old!

Yes, I realize I’ve only blogged once in a month. Hopefully, this is not a new trend. I’ve just been sort of tied up taking care of a little person 24/7. And oh, the things we’ve learned!

Taking a shower and brushing my teeth have become big accomplishments. I am proud to say I’ve managed to do both every day. Makeup is icing on the cake. Can’t say I haven’t missed a day of that.

In a shocking twist of events, I am no longer the boss. One clear example: Yesterday, Bailey was lying on her play mat when she decided to take a nap. Of course, no nap is complete without her purple pacifier. The pesky thing won’t stay in her mouth long, so she recruits a willing adult to hold it in for her until she falls asleep. So there I was, lying on the floor still in my pajamas having had no shower or even breakfast, holding a pacifier. Bailey, on the other hand, was well fed, clean and dressed. Yep, we see who now rules our roost.

I have become familiar and have fallen in love with this baby’s sounds and facial expressions. It’s funny how that attachment grows. …Even the little things, like how she holds one of her legs out straight when she eats. One of my favorites is when her eyes are open wide and her lips make an “O” shape. I enjoy hearing her voice, even when she cries. In the past few days, she has begun to coo a little. I’ve been amazed at how much my world changes in the space between a cry and a smile on this tiny face.

When Bailey is asleep, she’s knocked out, but when she’s awake, she’s very alert. In the past few days, she’s seeing a lot more. She watches people and can follow you across the room with her eyes. She’s noticed a few of her toys for the first time, like the ones hanging from her Pack ‘N Play and these above her play mat.

Homegirl canNOT keep a sock on. We have baby socks strewn all over the house where she’s kicked them off somehow, usually 2 seconds after I’ve put them back on for the 14th time.

Her bouncy seat (courtesy of Auntie Lola) is one of Bailey’s most used possessions. Many, many naps have come as a result of this jewel.

On the other hand, her world would be a much happier place if there were no diaper changes. She’ll never let you know she has a dirty diaper because she is so adamant about avoiding this process. Changing clothes is even more terrible. I have learned that if you don’t strap on the diaper just right, it leaks. And leaks. And leaks.

Baths are okay, except when it comes to having her back washed.

Daddy gave Bailey her first bottle on Wednesday, and she drank the whole thing. She had another 5 ounces or so last night when her GG kept her. I think she’ll just take anything she can get.

For several nights in a row, she fell asleep around 11, waking up at 2 or 3 a.m. to stay up 3 or 4 hours. Thank goodness, that trend has ceased for now. She’s done better the last couple of nights. She sleeps most of the day, too. I guess young babies sleep a lot.

Yep, just as soon as you think you’ve learned a baby, everything changes.

Bailey and I are going to try to go to church for the first time tomorrow morning. We’ll see how that goes. She’s been to the church building a few times already to visit Daddy at work and to take her stroller (a.k.a., the Cadillac) for a spin.

Other outings include two checkups at her pediatrician (Dr. Barron and Dr. Benak, the same ones I saw growing up); an early supper at Old Mexico; Anna, Abby and Jacub’s house; grandparents’ houses; the park; and a trip to Target to pick out a sling (the jury is still out on whether she hates it or loves it). Bailey seems to be okay with trips out of the house – she sleeps the entire time – but they still make Mama a little nervous. I guess I fear she’ll have a meltdown away from the security blanket of home and I won’t be able to handle it.

I’m definitely ready for the weather to cool off a little so we can spend more time outside.

On a different note, Gunter’s liver biopsy yielded good results, though the experience itself was not the most pleasant. Dr. A said the liver scarring was minimal and could be reversed with healthy diet and exercise. We’ll go back to see him in December.

I guess that’s enough recapping for the month. Thanks for hanging in there for the long post and for not giving up on the blog! I’ll leave you with a few more pictures.


Mary Tyler S. said...

She looks so sweet! I got your email and I will definately try to call you sometime next week when Campbell is napping - I would love to swap stories and get some advice!

Christi said...

Oh! How beautiful she is!! It's so good to hear that you are all adjusting to life with each other. Babies are truly a blessing. (I sometimes have to repeat that over and over again, especially when things get hectic around my I house.) Can't wait to see you both!

EllisFamily said...

Bethany, she's PERFECT!!! Absolutely precoius. Oh, and just to let you in on a little secret. Walmart has Faded Glory bobby socks (you'll want size 0-6 months) and they are the BEST socks I have ever found. They DO NOT fall off. They have a pack that has some girly ones (lace, bows, etc.) and then they have a pack that is solid white. Let me know if you try them!!! = )

The Macks said...

She's beautiful! I call our stroller a Cadillac also!

Anonymous said...


Sherry said...

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! She is beautiful. Things and schedules will get better as time goes by. Just remember to give her your schedule. She didn't come with one and if you let her she will make her own and it invariably will not work with yours :) (This was some valuable advice I received from a lady in our church at the time of my son's birth. -- Good advice!)

Blessings to you!

Jen L. said...

I'm late, but congrats!!! She is a beauty!

Heather said...

Hi honey - we miss you around here!! If I can't see you everyday, I'd sure like it if you'd update this little ol blog of yours :)

Bailey is beautiful and we need to see some more pictures of her!!

Sarah said...

Bailey is by far the most beautiful baby I've seen. She is so photogenic too! (must get that from her parents) I'm so happy for you and Gunter! Love you Bethy!